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Vintage Lounge Orange County California

Creating Intimate Settings with Lounge Furniture

Whether you’re using the term ‘lounge’ as a verb or noun, it all comes down to one common denominator: relaxing.

If just ‘lounging around’ or in a hotel ‘lobby lounge’, you’re probably enjoying yourself in a comfortable way. That’s exactly what we strive for when it comes to choosing furniture. We want everyone to be comfortable and relaxed…all while enjoying in high-style.

Here we recently did an Open House at Hangar 21 and had the opportunity to create an intimate seating area within a large empty space. It was essential to make sure there was enough seating for large group’s.

Blending different textures, types of furniture, as well as adding matching decor elements helped accomplish this artistic design.

Photo Credit: Ashley Paige

Pictured below is a real wedding at Lorimar Winery. Creating an inviting space for guest’s to rest their dancing feet or have an intimate conversation is key.

Whatever the reason for your lounge space, we know your guests will thoroughly enjoy it. Reach out to us anytime as we’re always happy to assist in picking the proper pieces that work perfectly with your aesthetic!

Photo Credit: Jenny Quicksall

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