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Sweet Salvage Rentals, Harper & Grace Photography, Deets & Things, Paleta Bar, Not Just In Novels, Nails by Covon, Sweet Song Bird Bakery, Jessi’s Sugar Cookies, Black Twine

LC Edit’s “Pretty Magical” Feature

This Garden Fairy Party got a magical feature when it was listed on LC Edit’s on

Deets & Things worked with Black Twine and Harper & Grace Photography to capture this memorable celebration.

“I love a good garden party, and this fairy themed birthday party is pretty magical. Complete with personalized fairy wings, a wand decorating table, and plenty of pixie dust treats, of course. Too cute.” –Lauren, Editor-in-Chief

We love this pixie look that was created with the coordination of Deets & Things. The overarching florals that hung above the setting were brilliantly created by Not Just In Novels, which gave this party a secret fairy-garden feel.

This seating area can be achieved by combining one of our hand-made Easley tables perched on wooden boxes. Add some sparkly Clemson blankets and velvet pillows from our Candor Collection, and pouf! Magical Fairyland.

No Fairy Party is perfect without sweet treats for everyone. Cakes and Cookies were made by Sweet Song Bird Bakery and Jessi’s Sugar Cookies. Recreate this charming set-up with one of our all-white rustic tables such as the Mullin’s Table (pictured) or the Roseboro Table.

See the feature and the complete list on LC Edit’s.

A Special Thanks to All the Great Vendors:

Vintage Rentals: Sweet Salvage Rentals | Photography: Harper & Grace Photography | Design/Styling: Deets & Things | Paleta Cart: Paleta Bar | Florals: Not Just In Novels | Nail Bus: Nails by Covon | Cakes + Desserts: Sweet Song Bird Bakery | Cookies: Jessi’s Sugar Cookies | Laser Cut Signs + drink | Stirrers: @creativeamme | Calligraphy signs: @jomygoodness | Creative Partner: Black Twine | Invitation: @minordetailcle