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Sophisticated + Spooky Soirée on Green Wedding Shoes

“Netflix and chill? Sure…so long as it looks as inviting as this!” Green Wedding Shoes featured our Sophisticated & Spooky Soiree. “You’re invited to peruse the party below with photos from Dulcet Creative. Hurry—a tantalizing treat awaits!” Gather inspiration for your next Halloween setting with this chilling good theme.

Classy and Batty is the perfect combination for this Ghoulish Gathering that was featured on Green Wedding Shoes.

Get this look by combining your favorite dark-toned cake stands to hold all your dessert delights. Pictured is our Lee County Cake stands partnering well with our Belvedere zinc-top bistro table. If you prefer to achieve this look with a more silver-toned accent, grab some stands from our Aynor Set. And don’t forget the dessert! Our ghoulish treats were provided by Sweet & Saucy Shop.

Set the ghoulish mood while setting our Olanta Table, which creates the sophisticated and spooky combination by bringing a hand-made white wood dining table that can be paired suitably with the Westport Bench or the all-white wooden Ruth-Bench.

“No bones about it, we’d die for an invitation to this party! Mwahaha!” See the full article and more inspiration photos by Dulcet Creative on Green Wedding Shoes.

Photography: Dulcet Creative | Venue: Sweet Salvage Rentals | Event Design: Beijos Events | Planning: Beijos Events | Florals: MV Florals | Calligraphy: A Fabulous Fete | Handmade Details: The Roc Shop | Catering: Colette’s Catering | Cake: Sweet & Saucy Shop | Desserts: Sweet & Saucy Shop | Tabletop Rentals: L’entramise | Furniture Rentals: Sweet Salvage Rentals

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